Help Needed for Pre-Departure Seminar

When: Saturday, June 26th 10am-5pm (session times vary)

Where: Nippon Club (145 West 57th Street New York, NY 10019)

Join us on Saturday, June 26th as we help prepare the newly nominated JET participants for their upcoming adventure in Japan! In particular, we need genki, diligent, and prepared volunteers to assist with the following topics:

ALT Job Skills Workshop (11:20 to 12:20; arrive by 10:45)

Coach new JETs on Team Teaching via a lesson plan format.  Share ideas for games, lesson plans, and other classroom tips. Give background on teaching in a Japanese school, highlights and pitfalls.  The end product of this session should be a completed lesson plan that each new JET can take with them and put into action in the classroom.

Life as a JET Workshop – Suburban (1:30 – 2:15; arrive by 1pm)

Give new JETs the inside scoop on the suburban Japanese lifestyle. Help them plan for what to expect as you share your experiences and answer their pressing questions.  Session should be interactive and engaging, using audio-visuals and other resources to impart valuable information.

Life as a JET Workshop – Urban (1:30 – 2:15; arrive by 1pm)

See above, translate for Urban experience.

Studying Japanese in Japan (three sessions – 2:30 to 4:15; arrive by 2pm)

Were you a genki JET who passed ikkyu after your third month in Japan?  Come share the various opportunities for formal and informal opportunities to learn Japanese while living in Japan. Give new JETs advice about setting realistic goals and achieving them in these short, small group discussions.

Update Pre-Departure Handbook (prior to 6/26)

Add new content and refresh this timely material to send JETs off to Japan with an excellent reference guide.  This is a great opportunity for a visual-minded person who wants to help out but prefers not to give a presentation or lead a discussion.

Please contact Megan at to volunteer.  Thanks so much!