Changes to Reapplication Process

Big change in the eligibility criteria for re-applying to the JET Program! Until last year, you had to wait 10 years to apply again to the JET Program after participating once. That has changed! You now only have to wait 3 years! Please see the website below for the new eligibility requirements:

If you finished your previous JET contract in the summer 2007, you are eligible to apply this year for the 2010 program. Please keep in mind that you can only participate up to 5 years in total including your previous contract length. The application for the 2010 program is now available, and the deadline is November 24. Please go to the above website for more application information. Please let me know if you have any questions on this matter. Good luck!

Noriko Furuhata
JET Office in New York
Direct Tel: 212-418-4461