Greetings Fellow Former JETS!

Do you know what yosa-koi is? Good for you.

Do you love nothing more than flailing about with naruko? (wooden instrument, NOT some girl’s name! ^^) Are you an aspiring performer/dancer with an interest in Japanese culture? Are you a non-performer/dancer with an interest in Japanese culture? Do you just really miss Japan and dream of becoming one of the crazy sexy cool people in this flier?

Then fantasize no more!

Hi, I’m Kirsten, a former ALT based in Niigata Prefecture 2005-2008. One of the things I missed most about my life in Japan was an awesome and energetic festival dance called yosa-koi that I used to perform together with my students. I missed it so much when I came back that I Googled “NY” and “Yosa-koi” and found 10tecomai. For a JET with raging Japan withdrawal like myself being a member of 10tecomai was like a dream come true.

Like the flier says, no dance experience is necessary. I can attest to that, folks. I have zero background in performance or dance but I quickly found this was not required. You will be expertly and patiently trained, no matter what level you are and you will have TONS of fun in the process. However, team spirit and serious dedication are an absolute must. My experience with 10tecomai has been truly rewarding and fulfilling on so many levels. I’m sad I no longer live in Japan but I am overjoyed to be a part of 10.

So come on down and try out if you fancy? It can’t hurt. Tell your friends!

[Editor’s note: Kirsten also wrote a wonderful article about the Mitsuwa department store in Edgewater, NJ for the Fall 2008 Issue of the JETAA NY Quarterly Newsletter.]