BEit Dudes Launch Online

BEit Dude (created by JETAANY member Amber Liang’s cousin) is coming this Holiday Season and you do not want to miss the chance to own one of the most innovative customizable urban vinyl toy from Kicktoys. This toy will not only bring you joy and excitment to your life, but also brings unique design to the centerpieces of a new and growing toy movement. BEit Dude is coming this Holiday Season! Get it while its available!


Along with a spiffy website roll-out / launch, fledgling toymakers Kicktoys’ BEit Dudes [tagged] are now listed and available online for a SRP of US$28.99 – currently in a trio of styles (Rapper, Skater. Knight) and a DIY Version to boot! In addition, Kidrobt and Toyqube are a couple of resellers stocking BEit Dudes.

DIY BEit DUDE DESCRIPTION: “DIY is ready to rock out with the rest of the BEit Dude crew to bring out the soul of a DIY. This toy is made out of vinyl and stands 6-Inches tall. It comes with its own unique accessories such as: a cowboy hat, a cell phone, a guitar and a cute surfboard. Just BEit Dude!”

And to give back to the community, Kicktoys will be donating 15% of the profit (for each toy sold on their website) to “Save the Children”. Kicktoys also mentions that they are also working on a few more toys that are coming out through out the year of 2009 (*neato*)