“Abduction” ~The Megumi Yokota Story ~ on PBS

Be sure to check out the US TV Premiere of ABDUCTION The Megumi YokotaStory on PBS’s award-winning series Independent Lens starting from Thursday, June 19th.

Air Date & Time:
Please check your local listings on www.pbs.org/independentlens/abduction/

About the Movie:
photo of Megumi Yokota ABDUCTION tells the astonishing story of a 13-year-old Japanese girl who never returned home from school one dark November night in 1977. Years later, her parents found out the shocking truth: she had been abducted by North Korean spies. This is the dramatic story of her parents’ moving 30-year-battle to bring their daughter home. A powerful human drama, ABDUCTION points to one of today’s biggest human rights and political crises in Asia. Largely unknown to Americans, the abduction issue, is one of the major untold stories behind Japan and North Korea’s tense relations, a key factor affecting nuclear talks. Using the bold signature of true-crime style, rarely-seen footage and exceptional access, the filmmakers weave an extraordinary tale of espionage and love.
Film Website http://www.abductionfilm.com

“So powerful is this film that it brought tears to my eyes.” — New York Post
“Haunting! Spine-tingling!” — Los Angeles Times
“Engrossing!” — New York Times
“This superb, quite moving film is a gruesome story of one decent family’s nightmare.” — Chicago Tribune