Japan Day Festival in Brooklyn

Date: Saturday, April 19th
Time: 1:00 PM
Where: Xaverian High School in Bay Ridge

Anthony Bianchi (JET alum, Brooklyn native and current Inuyama-shi City Councilman) is taking a delegation of people from Inuyama to Xaverian High School for a Japan Day festival, and he needs a few JET alums who can help bridge the cultural gaps.  Activities include geta-making, kimono fitting, calligraphy demonstration, and macha-making (small hand made crafts) as well as a video presentation by Anthony.  (For those who don’t know him, Anthony is the first ever North American to hold elected office in Japan.)

Contact: If you want to help, please contact Anthony Bianchi at mail@bianchi-inuyama.com.  You can also visit his website here.