Private Tour of the Utagawa Exhibit

~Private Tour of the Utagawa Exhibit~

Date: Wednesday March 3/26 at 6:30pm

Cost: FREE

Location: Brooklyn Museum
Meeting Place: Near the main ticket counter

JETAANY members have been invitd to a private tour of the Utagawa Exhibit. The Utagawa School dominated the Japanese print market in the nineteenth century and is responsible for more than half of all surviving ukiyo-e prints, or “pictures of the floating world.”

The prints represent famous places, landscapes, warriors, and kabuki actors; they were reproduced in books, posters, and other printed materials for mass consumption, and they fed a thriving Edo publishing industry.

Emily Golan, JETAANY member and Curatorial Assistant for Asian Art at the Brooklyn Museum , will give a brief tour of the exhibition, concentrating on Japanese history, printmaking techniques, and the exhibition’s connection to contemporary Japanese culture. “
Limited space! Please RSVP to Emily at