JETAA volunteer trip to New Orleans

The Mid-South JETAA chapter is interested in organizing a JETAA volunteer trip to help rebuild New Orleans. With today (August 29th) marking the second anniversary of Katrina’s landfall, there is still much to be done in the city. We are in the early stages of the planning process and would like to get an idea if any of your chapters/members would be interested in such an activity. They would most likely be responsible for the majority of their expenses. We would greatly appreciate if you could distribute this short survey to your members and get back to us with the feedback. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Emily Winckler
JETAA US-5 president
(504)529-2101 x13

1. __________When would you be available to come to New Orleans?
A. Late Fall 2007
B. Spring 2008
C. Summer 2008

2. __________How long would you be able to stay in New Orleans?
A. 3 day weekend
B. 5 days

3. __________In what type of activities would you be interested?
A. Building (ex. Habitat for Humanities)
B. House gutting
C. Anything to help
D. Other: ________________________________