Old – April Happy Hour

Come and meet the new JETAANY Executive Board and the new Social Secretaries, or if that doesn’t sound attractive, just come for a couple of post-work pints, to chat about upcoming events or to unwind after work.

Venue is the charmingly named Galway Hooker (which refers to a type of boat, in case you were wondering) at 7, East 36th St between 5th Ave and Madison. They boast of having a selection of over 120 beers, so no-one will be going thirsty. Kicks off at 6 p.m, all welcome.

NB: While you don’t need to RSVP as such, it would be helpful if we knew numbers. So, if you plan to come, please just drop a quick note to social@jetaany.org to let us know. Cheers!