Old – 2007 JETAANY Elections

Consider running for the executive committee this Spring!
There are positions for: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary
Elections will be held in February
New officers will work with past officers in March, and terms will run from April 1, 2007 – March 31, 2008.



  • Participate in U.S. National Conference (Summer: 3-day event, Friday-Sun.)
  • Organize (with help of officers, CLAIR, and volunteers) and speak at Pre-Departure Orientation
  • Speak at Welcome Back Reception


  • Assess budget estimate and work with Treasurer to make necessary changes in funds
  • Submit activity report for Chapter events to Country Representative
  • Organize outreach event to members not in NYC area
  • Communicate with sub-chapter, Philadelphia, to assess their needs and better serve their members
  • Confirm publication of newsletter with editor and offer assistance as necessary
  • Chair business meeting (attended by members), prepare and post agenda in advance


  • Chair executive meeting (attended by all officers and CGJ reps) ‚ prepare and disseminate agenda in advance
  • Revise calendar to reflect new events or activities
  • Communicate to CGJ and CLAIR about ongoing activities and issues
  • Retain records of events for archives


  • Check Jetaany.org forum posts and respond if necessary
  • Check in with officers to be sure they are up-to-date on decisions that need to be made


  • Check email and respond to members’ questions
  • Communicate (usually via email) issues to officers, and collaborate on planning and solving problems
  • This position requires a minimum of 10hrs/week to keep up with requests and effective communication. It also has a fair amount of administrative responsibility. Goals include:
  • Perpetuating (through planning and organizing) events that have been successful in the past
  • Instituting (through collaboration with other officers and members) ideas for new events
  • Maintaining open communication lines with CGJ and CLAIR
  • Developing and strengthening ties with outside organizations to foster new opportunities for JET Alumni
  • Meeting the needs / requests of our membership
  • Improving the infrastructure of the organization itself
  • Adding to the archives of documentation to preserve past administrations and provide support for future administrations.
  • Setting and meeting standards through leadership that will inspire and encourage smaller chapters to grow
  • Attending as many scheduled JETAA events as possible

Contact Jenn directly with questions: president@jetaany.org


  • Attends all executive meetings
  • Attends any extraordinary meetings that are called among officers
  • Chairperson of Events Committee
  • Co-ordinates and organizes with sub-committee chair for each event
  • Sets reporting schedule with sub-committee chair so that no details are overlooked.
  • Creates documentation for each event noting important info and possible improvements for next sub-committee chair/new administration.
  • Creates VP Guidelines position outline
  • Contributes to budget decisions
  • Attends and represents JETAANY at as many events/functions as possible
  • Frequently corresponds with other officers via email

Contact Kat directly with any questions: vicepres@jetaany.org


  • Responsible for the organization’s budget
  • Maintains accurate records and accounting for all income and disbursements Develops a balanced budget for the fiscal year with the Executive Committee
  • Attends business, executive and extraordinary meetings
  • Prepares an annual financial statement
  • Prepares an annual budget and all mandatory financial reports throughout the year and submits them to CLAIR and MoFA
  • Aids in organizing any JETAA function or event
  • Chairs the Finance Committee
  • Processes any necessary paperwork to the IRS or New York State Attorney General’s Office for 501(c)(3) compliance

Contact Tony directly with any questions: treasurer@jetaany.org


  • Work with other officers to plan event calendar
  • Participate in all (or most) JETAA events, especially orientation, welcome back and reception, career forum.
  • Assist with preparation of budget and planning of all events


  • Attend monthly executive meeting (attended by all four officers)
  • Revise online calendar to reflect new events or activities
  • Communicate to JLCG attendance and dates of events and activities


  • Update website with new events (JETAA and non-JET- this includes Japan Society, Consulate General and others) and announcements for the JET community.
  • Maintain listserve of JETAA NY members and Friends of JET.
  • Add new members and delete old addresses as necessary. Communicate with database coordinator to ensure the newest information.
  • Send out a weekly email with announcements about JETAA NY events & activities, and other events and activities of interest in the NY metro area.


  • Check email and respond to executive board issues as well as member questions (mostly membership questions or questions related to upcoming events)
  • This position involves daily email communication (at least one hour a day, probably more) as well as about one hour a week (at least) of researching events for the weekly announcements.

Contact Rob directly with any questions: secretary@jetaany.org